Quick Credit


1. What is Quick Credit?

Quick Credit is an innovative product developed to give our retail customers’ instant access to cash to meet their pressing needs.  

2. How does it work? How do I apply for this loan?

Salaried GTBank customers can access this product simply by dialing the short code *737*0# on all networks and choosing the PayDay Credit (option 1). Qualified customers can access the facility anywhere, anytime without visiting the banking halls. 

To access the facility, simply follow the steps below to access Quick Credit in 2 minutes or less:

  • Dial *737*0# 
  • Select option 1 for PayDay Credit (salaried workers with current accounts with GTBank) 
  • Choose option 1 to agree to Terms and Conditions
  • Select the preferred amount from the options available or enter amount you wish to borrow
  • Enter PIN to confirm
  • The loan amount will be credited to your GTBank account instantly


3. What is the difference between PayDay Credit and Quick Credit for SMEs?

Ans: PayDay Credit is an instant overdraft facility for salary-earning customers. 

SME Credit is the equivalent solution for pre-qualified non-salary earning SMEs with active GTBank accounts.

4. Who can access this facility?

Ans: PayDay credit is accessible to all salaried customers with GTBank current accounts. 

SME Credit is accessible to pre-qualified SME customers of the bank.

5. How much can I borrow?

Ans: Salaried customers can access upto 100% of their net monthly salaries. 

6. What fees and charges apply to this product?

The facility attracts an interest rate of only 2%. No management or processing fee applies. There are no hidden costs. 

7. I receive my salary through a savings account, do I qualify?

Yes. But you need to migrate your account or open a GTBank Current Account to access the facility 

8. What is the repayment period

Ans: PayDay credit is payable within 30 days of disbursement. The availed credit will be liquidated upon expiry of the 30 day tenor. 

9. Can I pay back the facility before due date? 

Ans: Yes. You can repay your loan in advance (in full or defined multiples) by dialing the short code *737*0# and selecting the repayment option (option 4).

10. Can I apply for another facility if I haven’t finished paying back an existing loan?

Ans: No.

11. How many times can I apply for the facility in a month if I haven’t exhausted my allocated limit?

Ans: Once

12. Any other information I need to know about this facility?

Ans: You can access the detailed Terms and Conditions for Quick Credit HERE

13. Who do I contact if I have questions about this facility?

Ans: Our Contact Centre team will be delighted to answer all your questions. Get in touch on 0302611560 or Toll Free 0800124000. You can also speak to your relationship manager.


For further enquiries please:    

Email Us: gh.corporateaffairs@gtbank.com

Call our Toll free: 0800 124 000 or 

             24-Hour Customer Support / Service Hotlines: 

             (+233) 302 611 560 / 302 923 914 / 302 966 755

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