Banking Services

The focus of Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited is to provide unrivaled top quality financial services to our clients. We also stand for excellent customer service. Our portfolio of products and services include: 



• SMS Banking and Internet Banking)

• ATM Banking Service (Accepts Visa , China UnionPay, MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro)

• Slip Free Banking

• Guaranty Trust Electronic Notification Service (GeNS) via SMS and Email

• Statement by Email

• MasterCard and Points of Sale (POS) Terminals

• MasterCard Secure Code 

• VISA debit cards

• Verified by Visa Service

• E-Zwich Cards and Points of sale Terminals

• Guaranty Trust Automated Payment System (GAPS)

• GTDirect (Third Party Online Transfer)

• GTPay (web acquiring)

• GTReturn Cheque Notification

• GTTrade Tracker

• GTMobile

• Pan2Pan

• Guaranty Trust Money Transfer (GTMT)

• Western Union

• Vigo Money Transfer

• MoneyGram Money Transfer

• G-Cash Local Money Transfer

• RIA Money Transfer

• Immedi8 Money Transfer

• Visa Direct Money Transfer



• Treasury bills and other government securities

• Fixed Deposits

• Call Deposits

• Foreign exchange sales and purchases

• Financial Advisory Services



• Funds Transfer

• Documentary Collections

• Export Finance

• Letters of Credit 



• Time/Term loans

• Overdrafts

• Leases 

• Bid and Performance Bonds

• Bank and Advance Payment Guarantees 



• Domestic Banking Operations

• Corporate and Savings Accounts

• Access to Information

• Customer Care

• Other specialized products (Seniors Account, GTCrea8, SKS, STS, Target Save, GTMax)



The Guaranty Trust E-One Service is a range of electronic banking products including:

• Internet Banking

• SMS Banking



Guaranty Trust Bank’s Internet banking platform is a robust channel designed with the state-of-the-art technology that provides unlimited access to your accounts and allows customers to conveniently perform over 90% of their bank transactions online real-time. Amongst others, the platform can be used for Transaction and Account balance enquiry; Transfer funds  (transfer to own account, to another GTBank customer or  any cedi account of any bank in Ghana); Pay utility and subscriptions; Pay for airline booking tickets; Request for or stop cheques in transit; Make & Stop Standing Orders; Print statement, etc.


• Easy access to account(s) from anywhere in the world.

• Online real-time account monitoring facility.

• Convenience of conducting banking transactions from comfort of home/office.

• Guaranteed security for all online transactions.

• Easy access to bank information and products.

• Effective, cheaper and easier way for our customers to communicate with the bank.

• Allows 24/7 access to account.



The Guaranty Trust 24-hour ATM banking service allows customers to use their Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Cirrus and China Union Pay cards for cash withdrawals, transfer funds, make balance enquiries and perform other basic banking transactions quickly, safely and conveniently without visiting our banking halls. Services available include:

  24 hour cash withdrawals (with daily limits set by the bank)

  Account balance enquiries

  Mini-statement printing (for last ten transactions)

  Funds transfers (between own accounts and other GTBank customer account)

  PIN change (only available at Guaranty Trust ATMs)



  Round-the-clock access to cash

  Unlimited access to your account information

  Access to ATMs of other banks on the VISA & MasterCard network



The Guaranty Trust Slip-free process is a service that offers convenience. It is an innovative process that takes the burden of filling withdrawal or deposit slips from the customer and therefore reduces the time customers spend in the banking hall. 



GeNS provide instant notification of all account activities (payments & withdrawals). This system generates and gives you prompt knowledge of transactions on your account(s), thereby enhancing your ability to detect ‘strange’ transactions promptly as well as aiding you in making your business and financial decisions. The notifications are sent via E-mail and SMS provided by you or your company. Account holders can request to be profiled to receive the servive. 



• GeNS can be customized to include unique transaction details (Customer Name, Order No. etc.) to aid reconciliation.

• Ensures real time information of transactions on all accounts.



This service enables customers to receive periodic statements of their account(s) via E-mail. Customers should request to be profiled for the service. The statements are available in different formats – PDF files for management and Excel files for auditors. Electronic statements can be customized in terms of content and formatting to facilitate easy and straight through processing or/and reconciliation. Delivery options are extremely flexible i.e. different sub-account statements can be sent to relevant (authorized) persons alone.  Delivery frequency options include daily, monthly, weekly or on request. 



• Free service subscription for all customers

• Timely delivery

• Prevent unauthorised access to customer’s financial information



The Guaranty Trust Debit Cards are electronic cards that provide access to your financial information securely from any of the VISA and MasterCard customer touch points (Automated Teller Machines, Point of Sale Terminals, Web etc). The card is effective for making payments from your account and can be used on any Visa enabled ATM worldwide.


• Round-the-clock access to financial services

• Unlimited access to account information on line

• Access to all GTBank ATMs and ATMs of other Banks on the VISA network

• Card is personalized with customer’s name printed on it

• Card operates a sophisticated, multi fraud monitoring system that protect card from being compromised by employing the use of chip & PIN technology.



MasterCard® SecureCode™ is a service from MasterCard and GTBank that provides added protection when you use your card to buy online. There is no need to get a new MasterCard. You choose your own personal MasterCard SecureCode and it is never shared with any merchant. A private code means added protection against unauthorized use of your MasterCard debit card when you shop online. 



This is an online program designed to make internet purchase transactions even more secure. With the introduction of this service, all online purchases with GTBank VISA cards are taken through an authentication process to verify the cardholder’s identity at the time of purchase to reduce the incidence of fraud and later disputes. This means that misplaced, stolen or cloned GTBank VISA cards cannot be used to make online purchases by anyone who does not know a cardholder’s secret VbV personal identification number (PIN).



All Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited branches are on the e-zwich platform and performs various associated functions from enrolment to card transactions. We have deployed a number of our e-zwich Point of Sale terminals at various merchants’ locations such as supermarkets, eateries, clinics and hotels for easy use. Presently, we have signed an agreement with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to deploy our ezwich POS terminals at their pay-points to help customers pay their electricity bills. 



Guaranty Trust Automated Payment System (GAPS) is a web based solution that facilitates the processing of payments in batches using a secure connection over the internet.

Features & Benefits:

• Provides an efficient means of effecting payments to contractors, vendors, suppliers, employees of companies, etc.

• Excellent information resource providing online real-time account monitoring.

• Instant value to GTBank’s beneficiary account holders

• Improved transaction processing time

• Excellent audit trails for payment activities.


GTDirect (Third Party Online Transfer)


GTDirect is the first fully automated online third party transfer service in Ghana.

It allows transfers from a GTBank customer’s cedi accounts to a cedi account of any bank in Ghana. The fully automated online transfer system follows the same process as the ACH system. GTBank customers who are already profiled on the bank’s Internet Banking platform can request for this service from their branches. Customers not profiled on Internet Banking must be profiled first to enjoy this service.


• It is user-friendly, safe and secure: It saves customer’s time from queuing and offers the convenience of transferring money to your/a beneficiary cedi account from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world from your computer or any mobile internet device.

• Customers would be asked to create a secret question and answer for the account. This secret answer would be used for all third party transactions. Customers can retrieve their forgotten password online using their secret questions and answers.



Trade Tracker is a customer-driven product that allows individual and corporate clients to follow and monitor the processing of their trade transactions (Letters of Credit, Bills for Collection etc) with the Bank. With this platform, customers can submit and review or amend an uploaded documentation (e.g. LC) after receiving a secure link to access the platform. Upon submission of the information, customers will then receive notification from the bank on the status of their transaction via emails without having to visit the bank.

The application is user-friendly and could be accessed through a secured internet protocol developed by GTBank. It is an innovative product expected to improve turnaround time as it seeks to revamp the records process to track the progress of trade finance transactions by customers and in-house users.



An integrated and secure online gateway or platform to enable corporate clients such as hotels, airlines, churches, educational institutions, supermarkets etc accept payments on their websites. It is an internet-based solution that enables online payments using local as well as international cards such as MasterCard. With this product, corporate customers can accept and receive payments for their services through their website from their own customers from anywhere in the world.



• GTPay is instant: all transaction amounts are deducted from the user’s card instantly while the merchant’s account is credited immediately as well.

• GTPay is internationally acceptable: payment done through this platform from anywhere in the world is accepted.

• GTPay has a global reach: can be used for payments from anywhere in the world 

• It reduces costs and increases sales 

• Promotes cashless transactions in the economy.



Return Cheque Notification system is an interactive platform that forwards notifications to customers in the form of an email and SMS immediately an inward cheque is returned from a third party Bank. To make the notification relevant and useful, the cheque number, amount stated on it and the bank from which the cheque was issued are all captured in the message. This product is aimed at reducing the turnaround time for the processing and notification of cheque transactions with GTBank’s customers. The ultimate goal of this product is to cut out the need for a customer to call or visit the bank just to be informed of the state of their clearing cheque transaction(s).


PAN-TO-PAN ATM TRANSFER (Person to Person)

Pan-to-Pan enables customers to transfer funds from your card to another GTBank Visa or MasterCard on any GTBank ATM. Transfer of funds with this service requires the use of card numbers rather than account numbers and the account linked to the card involved in this transaction is duly affected. The maximum amount that can be transferred is determined by the daily withdrawal limit set on the your card as well as funds available on the card. The transfer of funds via this platform is simple and swift as it requires the card of the sender and card number of the beneficiary to effect transaction on GTBank ATMs. It is instant, swift, saves time and comes at no extra cost.



The Forex ATM at the ‘Meeters and Greeters’ area outside the Arrival Hall of the Kotoka International Airport has been activated with forex service functions that allow the exchange of US Dollar to Ghana Cedi. Any ATM cardholder from anywhere in the world can perform a forex transaction up to equivalent of GHS 400 per day. This service can be accessed 24 hours. The Forex ATM provides convenience, reliability, safety and quicker way to change money. 


*737# Service

This e-banking channel allows customers to conveniently check their account balances and ‘top up airtime’ by dialing the short code *737# on all operating networks from their mobile phones. The service which is restricted to only GTBank customers can only be accessed from the mobile phone number linked to the customer’s account. There is no pre-sign-on or registration to enjoy this service. For security purposes, first time users are asked to create their own Personal Identification Numbers (PIN). Plans are also advanced to enable customers pay their Ghana Water, ECG, Dstv and GOtv bills and subscriptions, funds transfer and other services via GT-Top Up Service platform. The GT-Top Up Service is by far the most straight forward option for customers who are constantly on the move to carry out basic banking transactions as it does not require any internet connection. 

Another advantage is that it does not require any application download or usage of smart phones. Typical of all GTBank electronic banking products, GT-Top Up Serviceis fast, convenient, highly secured and reliable.



GTBank is an agent of Small World Money Transfer in Ghana. Customers can receive monies sent through this platform from families, acquaintances, etc. across the globe. The Small World platform is instant and fast; operates on high competitive rates, relaible, rapid, and have a secured payment system. All transfers through the small word platform is  bank specific, thus, sender must state bank in which the money was sent to. 



This is an exclusive system that allows customers to conveniently deposit cheques online into their account (s) from the comfort of their homes, offices, etc. without visiting any of the bank’s branches. This new service is the first to be introduced in Ghana and operates on a secure on-line web service. It is an easy three-step process of scanning, verifying, and depositing cheques remotely from customers’ own premises anywhere in the country. Customers who want to deposit cheque (s) can do so whenever they want irrespective of the time. They can also save time and cost of going to the bank to deposit their cheque (s).



Visa Direct is a special  money transfer service that allows you to receive money from your family, friends, acquaintances, trade partners etc. on your GTBank Visa or MasterCard from anywhere in the world. Families, friends, etc. can send monies through agents that subscribe to the Visa Direct (Money Transfer Service) with your name and visa card number only. As a GTBank Cardholder, you need just your visa card to access funds. Monies sent through the Visa Direct are processed and accessed on a secured code platform. It is user friendly, fast, reliable and convenient. They also help keep electronic record of payments and receipts of all transactions.



GTMT is a web-based platform on which customers and non - customers can receive or send money from GTBank subsidiaries in Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, The Gambia and Liberia. Funds (not exceeding US$10,000) sent through this medium is immediately available for payment upon transaction completion for up to 10 working days.

The GTBank subsidiary in Cote d’Ivoire is expected to be on the platform soon. 



The Bank is a full representative of the Western Union Money Transfer system in Ghana. This implies that GTBank can sign on other financial institutions as subagents of the system. Our reliable technology platform and excellent customer service culture, ensures fast and efficient receipt of funds from abroad. 



GTBank is also an agent of VIGO Money Transfer in Ghana. This means that customers can receive remittances from over 47 states in the USA and 50 countries worldwide the same day from their loved ones, family members, friends or business partners through the VIGO network which is secure and safe. Vigo is bank specific and as such beneficiaries are supposed to inform senders that they would prefer to receive their funds at GTBank where the transaction time is fast and customer enquiries are handled with the professional touch it deserves. 



The Bank also serves as an agent of MoneyGram Money Transfer in Ghana, meaning, consumers can receive money from relations worldwide, primarily through a global network. In addition to person-to person (also known as cash-to-cash), customers have alternatives in money transfer delivery channels such as direct-to-account, cash-to-a mobile phone and cash-to-card. 



G-Cash is a local money transfer service that enables you to transfer funds to any beneficiary throughout the country.  Beneficiaries can receive cash /draft at any of our branch locations.


Features and Benefits

• G-Cash is a money transfer service denominated in Ghana cedis

• A   maximum of GHS 10,000.00 is allowed per  transfer

• A valid identification is required 

• Instant access to cash nationwide

• Transfer of funds to family, friends and business associates

• Transfer  of  funds  ahead of a domestic business trip/holiday

• Eliminates the risk of travelling with cash

• Fast, reliable and convenient way of paying for goods and services



Ria Money Transfer (Ria) is one of the leading money transfer companies worldwide, with millions of transactions per month processed through an extensive network of agents including GTBank, located in more than 204,000 locations in 135 countries on 6 continents worldwide. Ria guarantees that your money is safe and that your family and loved ones will receive it on time. Ria stores and agent locations are conveniently located, their rates are competitive and their service is fast, friendly and reliable. You can send money to your recipient online for cash pick-up at a Ria Agent Location or via bank deposit. Cash pick can be done in all GTBanks branches nationwide.



Immedi8 Money Transfer Service provides an instant, simple, secured platform for receiving money from families, friends and trade partners from anywhere in the world. Once money is sent through this platform, the beneficiary only needs a valid national identification card and a transaction PIN / order number from the sender to access funds. Immedi8 is instantaneous, easy to use and operate on safe, fast and reliable platforms. Immedi8 Money Transfer is available at any GTBank near you.



Our fund management portfolio includes the following:

• Call Accounts

• Fixed/Tenured Deposits

• Banker’s Acceptance

• Money Market Instruments 



Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited offers the following foreign exchange services:

• Foreign Drafts issuance

• Sale of Business and Personal Travel Allowances(BTAs & PTAs)

• Offshore clearing

• Opening of letters of credit

• Collection of Bills of Exchange, Warrants, Promissory Notes and Standby instructions

• Remittances (invisibles such as students’ school fees, medical fees, subscriptions and so on). 



Export finance has vital implications for the health of the Ghanaian economy. Therefore, we have established a unit that is dedicated to providing indepth advice and service to those who may require export financing. Among the export finance services we offer are:

• Packaging of loans and other types of preshipment finance

• Negotiation of export letters of credit

• Financing of export invoices or receivables

• Discount of Bankers’ Acceptances where the exporter is responsible for financing.



Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited offers correspondent banking services through its offshore correspondent banks:

• Citibank, London & New York


• Ghana International Bank, London United Kingdom

• Bank of Beirut (UK) Limited

• FBN (UK) Limited

• Commerzbank AG

• Guaranty Trust Bank (UK) Limited

• MediCapital Bank Plc 

• BNP Paribas




In order to ensure that all our stakeholders are kept abreast with our activities, Guaranty Trust Bank (Ghana) Limited provides:

• Periodic rendition of Statements and Advices

• Real time on-line access to service and market information

• Open communication links between Bank and Customers

• Annual and Interim Financial and Corporate Reports

• The Bank’s Intranet and Internet

  Several other periodic and specialist publications & services



We offer the following domestic banking services:

• Issuance of local drafts

• Local transfers between and within accounts

• Cash-in-Transit(CIT) services

• Draft-in-Transit(DIT) services

• Batch payments 

• Bills payment

• Third party transfers



Our range of credit products include:

• Overdrafts and Loans

• Loan Syndication

• International Trade Transactions

• Small and Medium Scale Enterprise Funding



The Non Resident Ghanaian (NRG) Account Service from Guaranty Trust Bank provides Ghanaian living abroad with access to a wide range of products and services; some of which include Savings, Easy Savings, Current accounts, Foreign Exchange Account, Foreign Currency Account, Investment in Money Market instruments, e-Banking services and Card products as well as access to a Relationship Manager who would manage the client’s account. This innovative service offers Ghanaians and their families in the Diaspora the opportunity to open and operate a Ghanaian bank account from anywhere in the world.



The GTBank Seniors Account is a current account designed specifically for Senior citizens who are 60 years and above. It is a service offering that allows Senior citizens bank for free and carry out their Banking transactions with ease from any of our branches nationwide.

Features and Benefits:

• Zero COT

• Free ATM card

• Free Cheque book

• Free Statement printing

• Free SMS (GeNs notification)

• Ease of receiving entitlement and monthly pension

• Use of Fast Track Lane at all our banking halls (No need to queue)

• Access to a Relationship Officer

• Unlimited ATM withdrawals within Ghana and abroad

• Flexibility of paying into own account through any of our branch locations nationwide

• Access to various electronic channels (Internet & Telephone Banking)



GTCrea8 is a card-based interest bearing student account designed to allow undergraduates and students of professional institutions maintain a value adding relationship using our electronic channels.

Product Features 

• A classy and trendy card

• No minimum balance



• Free ATM card on account opening

• Free internet banking

• Higher interest rate than a regular savings account

• No restricted withdrawals

• Payment at supermarkets, shopping malls, cinemas and other outlets that have POS terminals that bears the MasterCard or Visa Card logo.

• Cash withdrawals at all ATMs within Ghana and abroad, wherever you see the Visa Card or MasterCard logo.

• Discounts when you use your card at some selected merchant locations.



At Guaranty Trust Bank we want to help your businesses succeed by turning your business dreams into reality. We have an array of products and services to suit the banking needs of all businesses, irrespective of size or turn over. We have a broad range of products available, from current account, to loan to internal settlement services across many of our banking channels. Getting started is as simple as talking to a Relationship Manager about your business .Your personal Relationship Manager is back up by specialist teams with years of experience in banking, specializing in several industries. So we know where you’re coming from. Your business is important to us and we would like to create a customized solution just for your business with our products and services listed below:

• Current Account

• Call Account

• Domiciliary Account

• Loans, Advances and Overdraft

• Trading with Overseas Partners

• Gaps 

• GTPay

• GT Trade Tracker

• Cheque Writer

• Account Aggregation Services

• GT School Account 

• Free Use of the GTbank School fees collection platform

• Free internet Banking

• Free e-Statement

• Free account notifications (GENs and SMS)

• School finance scheme (Assets finance, Overdraft and Term loans)

• Paradise Account for churches


For further enquiries please:    

Email Us:

Call our Toll free: 0800 124 000 or 

             24-Hour Customer Support / Service Hotlines: 

             (+233) 307 037 107 / 302 923 914 / 302 966 755

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