What is G-Cash?

G-Cash   is   a   service  that  enables  you  to  transfer funds  to  any  beneficiary  throughout  the  country.   Beneficiaries   can   receive cash /draft at  any  of our 24 branch locations.


  • G-Cash is a  money  transfer service  denominated in Ghana cedis.
  • A   maximum  of   GHS  10,000.00   is   allowed   per  transfer.
  • A valid identification is required.


  • Instant access to cash nationwide.
  • Transfer  of  funds  to  family,  friends and  business associates.
  • Transfer  of  funds  ahead  of  a  domestic  business trip/ holiday.
  • Eliminates the risk of travelling with cash.
  • Fast,   reliable   and    convenient   way   of    paying  for goods and services.

How to Send?

  • Visit   any  of   our  branch  locations   nationwide.               Complete  the  required  form  and  add  a   valid  identification.
  • Hand over the completed form and  ID  together with the amount of  money  you want to
  • send to our designated teller.
  • Collect  your  receipt   from  the    teller.    The   receipt    must    have    the     document
  • number,  answer to test question and  the  paying  branch (provided    by   the   sender)
  • which  should    be communicated     to     the  beneficiary.   For   online   transfer,  visit   www.gtbghana.com and   access  the  internet  banking  site.
  • Follow through the  instructions  to  complete  transfer.

How to receive?

  • Visit  any  of  our  branch   locations   nationwide specified by the sender.
  • Complete a Claim Form and add a valid ID.
  • Review   and    sign   the   receipt   that   is   given  to you.
  • The teller will then give you the money together with a copy of the receipt.


For further enquiries please:    

Email Us: gh.corporateaffairs@gtbank.com

Call:  0302 675224, 611560, 0544 399015 or  Toll free: 0800 124 000 or 

             24-Hour Customer Support / Service Hotlines: 

             (+233) 302 611 560 / 302 923 914 / 302 966 755

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