VISA Debit Cards

Guaranty Trust Bank Visa Card is a range of Visa Classic and Visa Electron Chip Debit Cards tailored to suit every lifestyle. Visa Gold Card, Visa Electron International, Visa Electron Domestic and Students Discount Visa Cards are the four main types of cards.                  

Chip cards or ‘Smart cards’ are the latest technology in payment cards, making electronic payment very secure, faster and more flexible. Smart cards carry a microchip, which gives it that enhanced security feature which makes it nearly impossible to be skimmed by fraudsters.   In addition, the data contained on a smart card is encrypted, preventing unauthorized access to personal account information. This gives our Cardholders peace of mind!

Visa Gold Card  

Visa Gold Card is one of Visa International's premium cards issued to High Net worth Individuals with exclusive life styles. Gold symbolizes quality and prestige as well as Convenience and choice. 

Visa Electron International Card

GTBank Visa International Card is a Visa Electron chip Card issued to professionals and business executives who travel outside the country. Payment for hotel bills, air tickets and general purchases can be made by the Visa Card.

This Card can be used on any Visa Branded ATM or Point of Sale Terminal worldwide.

Visa Electron Domestic Card 

The GTBank Visa Electron Domestic Card is a debit card uniquely designed for usage only in Ghana. It is the fastest and safest way to get cash from any Visa ATM and make payment for goods and services at any merchant location displaying the Visa logo nationwide.

Students Discount Visa Card    

These are discount cards with Visa enabled functions which allows for usage on all Visa ATMs and POS in the country. Holders of the Student Discount Card are entitled to great discounts at a number of merchant outlets including clubs, clothing shops, eateries, bus terminals, and supermarkets. Visit our website

Benefits of GTBank Visa Cards

Wide Acceptance: Cards are accepted on over 11,000 Visa ATMs and 22 million Visa Point Of Sale Terminals worldwide for payment of goods and services (excludes Visa Domestic Cards).

Greater Security: Cards are chip based with all cardholder information encrypted. A transaction can only be authorized with the correct PIN. This restricts unauthorized use of your Visa card

Convenient: Cash withdrawal and other ATM transactions can be made at any time of the day offering you 24hr access to your money

Extremely Simple: it is simpler than writing a cheque or making payment with cash

Funds Transfer: Transfer of money can be made from one GTBank Visa card to another or in between accounts if the card is linked to two or more accounts.

Record Keeping: Each purchase or withdrawal is recorded automatically on your monthly bank statement, helping cardholders track and manage their expenses.

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